Provide transport, warehousing, customs clearance and sea booking one-stop service
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Our Advantage
Experienced team, reasonable and efficient transportation, facilities perfect warehousing,
most professional import and export customs clearance
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  • Rich experience
    Equipment excellent

    19 years of industry experience, adequate vehicles and warehouses, complete supporting equipment

  • Full qualifications
    One-stop services

    We have all kind of national certification licenses for logistics, integrated transportation, warehousing, customs declaration, providing one-stop logistics services

  • Safe and efficient
    Affordable price

    Safe and convenient facilities, skilled and efficient operation process, logistics cost saving, affordable price

  • Geographic advantage
    Global customers

    Based on the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, serving all industries and global enterprises

Honor Qualification
Constant efforts, strict requirements, and sincere service to customers
Each successful transaction is a proof of our strength
Focus on the latest news in the logistics industry
Guangzhou Suixin Logistics Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Suixin Logistics is a domestic and international one-stop logistics industrial company that is constantly developing and developing, comprehensive and three-dimensional. Our main business includes transportation, customs declaration, warehousing, import and export trade, involving all aspects of the logistics industry.

The company has various rights such as domestic road transport permit, dangerous goods road transport permit, customs declaration and inspection agency rights ...

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Working Time

Mon to Fri: 08:30-17:30
Sat:             08:30-12:00

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